Tiny Couch Tips

Finding the right couch for a small space is very difficult.

Here are the steps I’ve followed to find the perfect couch every time.


1. Define your style.

What is it that you love? When you see a tufted couch do you swoon? Do mid century leather couches find your fancy? Browse some couches on pinterest and pin whatever catches your eye. Once you have a good collection, review it and find the common factors. My common factors: tufted, long carved legs, and texture. My love of my life couch was from Anthropologie. I worked for Anthro during a holiday and bought one for 40% off. However, when it came time to move, and we knew that we wanted to move to Seattle, and further more to Fremont, what we could afford was too small for our grand chesterfield. And so started a search for something that was still beautiful but could fit our new lifestyle.


2. Fill Your Baskets

My favorites were Urban Outfitters and West Elm. I searched Ikea but didn’t find anything with enough shape. I appreciate mid-century furniture but I find myself pulled towards Victorian shapes. Set a timer for an hour and fill up your basket with your dream couches. Don’t worry about the price just yet, focus on finding what you love.


3. Get Really Creative

So you’ve found a few that you love? Perfect. Odds are they are probably a bit more than you want to spend. This is when you get creative. With a picture of what you want in your mind, go to the thrift stores and browse around. Search craigslist for something that is similiar to what you want. Our first couch was a craiglisted Ikea Karlstad couch.

Here’s the fun part. If you’ve found something you love, maybe like us it was an Ikea couch on craigslist. If you hate the color, purchase a new cover from Ikea. If you hate the legs, they often screw right in. Find ones that you fancy here and replace them. You can even customize the color and the shape.


4. Putting Down Monies

If your soul is set on your pretty couch that costs an arm and a leg, consider getting a job at the store. I know it’s extra time and work but you’ll be getting paid for it and you’ll save up to 40% off. If a side job is not an option, hold out to purchase your couch until there is a sale. (Labor Day is in a few weeks!)

If you want to bite the bullet and pay full price for the couch now, consider how much resale you can get for it. This was tremendously helpful in my decision. I knew the couch I wanted was expensive but it was also unique. I’m convinced I can sell it for as much as I bought it for if I exclude shipping. This made it an easy decision: I can be happy now with the couch and happy later when I sell it.

xx – k

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