My Philosophy:

My mission is to bring brightness to life through a yoga practice that is fun and challenging. With a 200 hr certification in Vinyasa yoga, I am ready to give you an amazing workout leaving you feeling stronger, lighter, and refreshed. I hope to bring playfulness to the practice of yoga.

I teach yoga without the theologies and philosophies that often trail the practice of modern day yoga. These philosophies are practiced with a full intensity. With respect, I leave behind the intensity and embrace a philosophy of playfulness.

How I Do It:

I won’t bring up energy flows, chakras, vibes, mythology, or third eye centers. I have our classes built with one theme in mind: fun. Sometimes that includes a few margaritas afterwards. I play music you will probably want to dance to and might find yourself singing the songs out loud in your downward dog. I provide an amazing hour long vinyasa style yoga class where I aim to not take ourselves too seriously, to relax into ourselves, and to not be afraid to laugh.

You can expect to take an hour of your day to not only have a good workout, but to also enjoy yourself.

Classes & More Information Here.

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